• Professional Miner Colocation

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  • What is miner colocation?

    The miners will be escrowed in the mine field after they are purchased, and the miners will be deployed by the professionals with 24 hours of maintenance charged at fixed power and at the electricity fees of 0.3xCNY/ KWh;you need to submit the mining setting information when the balance is settled by RMB: types of mining, wallet address and within 3-5 days of the arrival of the miners, the deployment work for mining will start, you can review the hash and returns conditions by mining pool blockchain. Besides, any question , if necessary, please be kindly keep in touch with the working staffs of the mining field for solutions.

  • Stable & Reliable

    After buying miners, the miners will be colocated in the field of MCC.TOP with 7x24 professional maintenance.

  • Open Settlement

    Returns will be directly remitted to the wallet address of the customers, electricity paid at CNY with open financial account.

  • Low Electricity Fee

    The minimum electricity fee of the whole website is 0.3x CNY/KWh

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Real-time review of the miners operation of mine field, hash and returns.

Colocation Procedures

  • Buying Miners Miners will be sent to mine field of MCC.TOP after they are bought.

  • Paying deposit Paying deposit and the mine field receives the miners then.

  • Miners deployment The professionals deploy the miners as they are sent to mine field with balance done.

  • Returns Assist in arranging the mine pool and start to mine for returns.

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