About Us

MCC. TOP company, founded in 2017 and its headquarter located in Beijing, until now has built more than one large-scale cloud computational rooms in Russia, Iceland, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Philippines,etc., and its accumulated investment is almost 1.5 hundred millions. MCC.TOP Cloud Hash Platform provides integrated services, through which virtual currency owners can purchase cloud hash, secondary market trade, and deposit currency investment to obtain the highest bitcoins investmemt profit. All of these are attributed to the large number of user communities, standardized operational computational room, and refined product design. Additionally, MCC.TOP Global Plan as one of the most promoted projects will make full use of the integrated resources and offers a broad development platform to the partners. MCC.TOP will, as always, continue to keep innovative and do the maintenance accurately. MCC. TOP will, as always, continue to provide stable technical support and security. MCC. TOP will, as always, continue to explore the overseas cloud computing market which will be a significant step to be a leading computing platform worldwide.