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  • Can registered phone number be updated?


  • How to reset the password?

    Homepage-Login-Forget Password

  • What’s the purpose of real-name authentication?

    To ensure your rights and interests, MCC.TOP requires the clients complete the real-name authentication before the first trade. Please do it carefully, since it cannot be updated.

  • What’s the service fee?

    Recharged, 0 service fee.

    Withdraw cash, 0.5% service fee.

    Withdraw coins, 0.5% service fee.

    Hash Trade, 0.5% service fee.


  • What is Hash?

    Hash refers to the computing speed of mining machine, or can be understood as the HP of the mining machine. Until this second, hash of the bitcoins within the whole network is about 2000P. (P and T are the measurement of the Hash, and 1P is equal to 1000T.)

  • What is the difference between150W/T and 300W/T ?

    150W/T means that 1T hash will expend 150W; accordingly, 1T hash will cost 0.15Kh every hour.
    300W/T means that 1T hash will expend 300W; accordingly, 1T hash will cost 0.3Kh every hour.

  • Can home computers be applied as the mining machine?

    Theoretically speaking, home computers can be applied as mining machine, but its profits cannot be compared with the professional mining machine.

  • How to guarantee the investment profit?

    MCC.TOP ensures the authenticity of the hash purchased by clients. Clients should carefully understand the risky, as profit is decided by several factors included bitcoins trade price, hash price, etc.

    • How to calculate mining profit?

      [1T Hash Mining Income/Day]-[1T Power Charge/Day]=[1T Hash Mining Profit /Day]
      Current Hash/Day=150W/T,
      1T Hash Mining Income/Day =0.0008BTC
      Current Bitcoins Price=5000RMB
      1T Power Charge/Day =1.15RMB=1.15 RMB /5000 RMB =0.00023BTC
      Service Fee=10%
      1T Hash Mining Income/Day= (0.0008-0.00023) x (1-90%) =0.000513BTC

    • Does the mining profit change?

      Based on the bitcoin network algorithm, mining difficulty of bitcoins changes every two weeks; and therefore, minging profit will correspondently be reduced. Mining profit is not stable, which is effected by the bitcoin network difficulty and the fluctuations of bitcoins price.

    • How to settle mining profit?

      Settlement for the last day’s mining profit will be finished on 11:00 am every day, and clients can check it in the website.

    • Does the mining profit will continue to issue?

      It depends on the balance between the mining income and power consumption cost. Because of hash increase and bitcoins price slide, if mining income and power consumption cost is out of balance, mining income will stop issue. If mining income cannot make up the cost of power consumption in ten days, the contract will be terminated.

    • Can miners be redeemed?

      MCC.TOP does not provide miner redemption service.